Monday, 24 September 2012


Periya Chola is located near by Nelliyampathy.It was known as Gemini Estate.
Total extend of Peria chola is approximately   600 acres.The survey no. of Periya Chola is 870.
As per the vesting and assignment notification the entire area in sy,no 870 was vested with the Government.Unfortunately the area is under the possession of private parties....
Before vesting the area was under lease.Now it was under the possession of more than 100 peoples.In that area around 60 acres are taken by the forest department under EFL Act.

          The area is more important because it is surrounded all the sides by forest area.Parambikulam Tiger Reserve of Kerala and Indira Gandhi Tiger Reserve of Tamil nadu are sharing boundaries with it.Inside the Forest these illegal possession is very danger to Tiger Reserves.....

     So it is very urgent to declare the entire PERIYA CHOLA as EFL......

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